What is a Steam Generator?

Steam generators are handy devices used by people around the world to produce an electrical current using hot steam. These devices use fuel to heat water and convert it into a highly pressurized hot steam that is used to create electricity by producing some form of mechanical work. They are affordable devices that come in handy in many settings, both commercial and domestic.

How do steam generators work?

Steam generators are often used to produce electricity with a large amount of pressure from water. They work by heating the water, pushing it through a turbine and into a condenser. After the pressure from the steam is released into the turbine, which in turn creates electricity, the steam is condensed and reused. While most units use combustion to heat the water (such as petrol or diesel), some units may also be powered by a solar panel or battery.

These units use heat energy to turn water into steam, which in turn produces enough energy to do enough work to produce electricity. This steam, also known as hot water, is compressed and pressurized in order to do the work it needs to do.


Smaller units for home use

The units that average people use to power their homes work in a similar fashion as commercial and industrial variants but are very different from the massive generators in power plants and factories. These home units are generally smaller than the commercial versions and do not produce nearly as much electricity. Commercial units are also very expensive compared to the more affordable home units.

As mentioned above, some home steam generators may also use solar panels or batteries as opposed to combustion fuel to convert water into steam. These tend to be more expensive to purchase but will save you bucket loads of money in not having to refuel them after every usage.


Why you should invest in a steam generator

South Africa is one of the least reliable energy providers in the developed world for its own population. From rolling blackouts to endless technical and mechanical issues at several power plants, we all know that a blackout is one of the most common occurrences to experience as a South African.

There are also several other benefits to investing in a steam generator, especially if you’re someone who loves the great outdoors. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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